No bake Filipino Dessert recipes for business


No bake Filipino desserts for business

Looking for no bake Filipino desserts for business? Read more. (Photo Credits — with modifications)

If you are looking for an extra income – whether as a full-time working mom or a stay at home mom, then you might want to consider these no-bake desserts to sell in the Philippines.

These are really easy to do, and with just enough clean and creative packaging, plus patience and sales talk, you can definitely get a loyal clientele.

If you are a stay at home mom, you can start by asking for your husband’s help in selling the desserts to his officemates, and then follow up with an FB Page where the officemates can see your other offerings. You may also join bazaars, or ask a store near you if you can sell your goodies for consignment.

If you are working 8-5 you can of course sell it to your officemates, online, to your husband’s officemates etc. The small amount that you can earn from such an endeavor will grow overtime, and who knows, you might end up focusing on this and start working from home.

No bake Filipino dessert recipes for business:

  1. Pastillas – Even your children will love helping you out on this. Just take it a notch higher by using cookie cutters to form shapes, plus some food coloring and then store them in jars or microwavable containers held by a happy-colored bow. Here is a very simple recipe you can follow.
  2. Yema Balls – You can also make some yema balls that will surely satisfy the sweet tooth of your clientele. You may wrap these in colorful paper and pack it either in colored cellophane or microwavable containers. Check out this easy to follow recipe from Panlasang Pinoy.

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  1. Gelatin-Based Desserts – I have recently written about Filipino Gelatin-Based Desserts, and have mentioned in that post, that all of those can be packaged in a cup-sized container and be sold individually. Check out the past post here to get the recipes for easy buko pandan, yummy coffee jelly, crema de fruta, and more.
  2. Polvoron – Yes the simple polvoron can be taken up to another yumminess level by adding nuts, rice pops, or even choco-coating. Do not confine yourself to the usual molder, because you can find other molds in Daiso or any Japan Store. Here is a good polvoron recipe.
  3. Graham Balls – This one is gaining a lot of popularity recently, and it is actually something that your family will enjoy ma king and eating because it is not too sweet and you can choose your own topping – from powdered sugar, candy sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, chopped nuts and the like. Here is a quick and easy recipe to follow.

So there you have it, my good news for you here is that this is just the first of the series of posts on Food items that you can sell to earn a side income in the Philippines. I will be coming up soon with steamed Filipino Goodies that can be sold, as well as no-bake choco-based desserts that can be sold (Valentine’s is fast approaching after all)!

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