Where to buy Knitting and Crocheting Supplies in the Philippines

buy knitting and crocheting supplies in the Philippines

Here is where you can buy knitting and crocheting supplies in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

If you are looking for knitting and crocheting supplies in the Philippines then this post is for you.

I have compiled a list of places where you can by knitting and crocheting supplies in Manila and elsewhere in the country. I remember for my Home Economics class we had to source for crocheting threads, which was then available in sewing supplies stores and sometimes the National Bookstore.

But for hardcore knitting and crocheting fanatics, supplies in the bookstore may not be enough for their big-time projects.

Here is a list of where you can buy Knitting and Crocheting Supplies in the Philippines:

  1. Divisoria – If you want to see a dizzying array of yarns and the crafting and knitting supplies then head on to Tabora Street – yes the same street where you can find Cloth Diaper Fabric, DIY Sewing Supplies, Mason Jars and Party Needs! It is a crafters haven out there so be happy and head to this area! They have knitting and tapestry needles, yarns by the box and cones, polyfills, and a lot more!
  2. Bookstores – As I have mentioned, yarns and other crocheting and knitting supplies can be bought from bookstores like national bookstore. They may not have a vast selection, but if you are looking for a generic color, then this outlet is relatively accessible versus going all the way to DIVI.

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  1. Malls – Apart from the textile sections of some department stores like SM (in Makati, among others) and Landmark (in Makati as well), major malls have specialty shops that carry crochet and knitting supplies. These include Carolina’s which has branches in Glorietta and Megamall, among other branches. Carolina’s have knitting needles, and the HELE Project Reminder that is Crochet hooks in various sizes they also have crochet threads and yarns, among other knitting and crocheting supplies. If you are from the QC Area then you may wanna head to Araneta Center particularly in Farmer’s Cubao to check out VC Trading – they have craft supplies which include knitting and crocheting supplies, plus embroidery supplies, and even fabrics!
  2. Online Stores – You no longer have to make the trek to DIVI or brave the traffic to go to malls to score your much needed knitting and crocheting supplies. There are a lot of online stores now that carry these crafting needs and they include:
  • Yarn Source Manila – Prides itself as being the first ever online yarn store in Manila. They have various colors of yarns, different kinds of crocheting hooks – from Aluminum , to plastic, to those meant for lacework. They even have wool, eyelash yarns, rug yarns, chunky yarns and more. Check out their store here.
  • Gantsilyo Guru – Has everything related to knitting and crocheting! Thy also have swing supplies like rotary cutters! They have kits and patterns as well, so head to their site, and I am sure you will stalk their shop for hours! Here is a link to their website.
  • KC Yarns Philippines – This FB Shop has crochet and knitting supplies like yarns, crochet hooks, knitting needles and the like. Check out their store here.
  • Crochet Biz – is another FB Store selling knitting and crocheting supplies in the Philippines. They have acrylic yarns, chenille chunky yarns, crochet hooks, hand dyed cotton yarns, Yarns in cone, cotton luster specialty yarns, fabric, glittery yarns, red heart, Monaco, tulle fabric and more. Check out her FB store here.

So, there you have it. I am sure there are other knitting and crocheting supplies shops in the Philippines. I will be updating this post as I discover more. If you have the time, hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, so you can receive regular updates from Happypinaymommy.com direct on your newsfeed.

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