Puto Recipes for Business in the Philippines

Puto Recipes for Business in the Philippines

Want to try a Puto-making business? Here are Filipino Puto Recipes for Business in the Philippines. (Photo Credits-Modified)

This is the fourth or fifth installment I think in my series on food items that you can sell in the Philippines. In the aim of helping moms like me earn extra from home, I decided to come up with this series, to help give extra income ideas for stay at home moms, full time working moms, and even work from home moms.

For this particular post, I will be sharing with you recipe ideas on the beloved Puto. Puto is not that complicated to make, and at the same time it does not require an oven. This you can sell all year round, and with the many variants available you will not get bored making them! So without further ado, here is the list of —

Puto Recipes for Business in the Philippines

  1. Puto Pao – My kuya billy and I are die-hard siopao fans, from the usual steamed siopao, to the toasted siopao craze and of course the puto pao. You may need to cook the filling, but it is definitely worth your time, and if you make it nicely, you will surely get repeat orders! Perfect for merienda, kid’s baon, potlucks, and what have you! Check out this recipe.
  2. Colored/Plain Puto – This is one of my dad’s favorites, well he actually likes the Putong Manapla, but these little colored puto is fine for a Dinuguan fan like him. Here is an easy recipe.

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3. Puto Leche –As mentioned on my post on steamed desserts that you can sell, this version of the humble puto is one on steroids! Imagine a puto with creamy leche flan at its base? Just perfect. Check out this recipe.

4. Special Puto or Puto with toppings — this is basically plain puto with toppings that will surely make it a stand alone merienda! Wala pa ang pancit or diniguan mabubusog ka na. Usual yummy toppings are red eggs, quickmelt cheese, and even both. Here is an easy recipe to follow.

5. Puto with filling — Yes you can make puto a dessert-worthy food! You may fill it with choco ganache, nutella, yema, ube, strawberry jam and more. This is a good recipe!

So there you have it, hope you got a side business idea through my past series of posts. I will be coming up with a couple more posts on Food items that you can sell to earn a side income in the Philippines. Always remember mommies that presentation may be key but at the end of the day, it is the taste and prep that will matter and will make your clients come back for more. Here is hoping that if you have the time, hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, so you can receive regular updates from Happypinaymommy.com direct on your newsfeed.

Thank you so much!

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Leaving you with this video on Puto Recipes that you can sell:

Steamed Filipino Dessert Recipes for Business