Where to get a Pre-Natal Massage in the Philippines

Want to get a pre-natal massage in the Philippines?

Want to get a pre-natal massage in the Philippines? (Photo Credits)

Pregnancy is one of life’s greatest miracles. And while it brings out the best in us, it undeniably brings about body aches and pains too!
So what is a pregnant momma to do?

Spell it with me: R-E-L-A-X, and what better way to relax than have a pre-natal massage. Pre-natal massage is different from your usual massage as it takes into consideration your sensitive condition and the well-being of your baby while trying to relax you and help remove or at least lessen your body aches and pains.

So where can you get a pre-natal massage in the Philippines?

Here is a list of some places to get a pre-natal massage in the Philippines:

1. The Spa – They have the Mother-to-be package. This does not come only with a massage, but also includes a facial and a Foot Spa. You have the choice whether to indulge in a 1 hr and 45 min. pampering, or if you will indulge for two hours and thirty minutes. You will also have the choice whether you want to have it in a suite or a villa. They have branches scattered all over Metro Manila. And if relaxation and pampering is what you need then this is your go to spot. From what I remember they have one in Acropolis and Greenbelt 1. Check out the rates here.

2. Neo Day Spa – If you live near Bonifacio Global City, or if you frequent the area then this spa is worth checking out for their prenatal massage services. They actually have another branch at Boracay and Greenhills. And though I have yet to try their massage packages, I am impressed about their offerings such as pre-natal massage, post natal massage, and even lactation massage. Check out the existing rates and package inclusions here.

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3. Bluewater Day Spa – They also have branches across metro manila, and they offer pre-natal massage services in all of their spas. Check out their FB Page here.

4. Mom Massage Services – If you do not wish to subject yourself from the equally stressful epic traffic situation in the metro, then this is the massage service that you may want to call on. They have home service, and they do not only offer pre-natal massages, they also have lactation massage services. They also offer labor massage, post-natal massage, and stress-relieving massage. Check out their FB Page here for their latest rates and massage packages.

So there you have it preggy ladies, and new mommies, hope you could choose from any of the four spa services, the pre-natal massage your body has been craving for. Let me know about your experience! Please drop by my Facebook page, and tell us how the massage went. Hope you can hit the like button too while you are at it, to receive happypinaymommy.com updates straight from your newsfeed.

Thank you, and have a safe delivery ladies!

Leaving with you a video on the benefits of pre-natal massage.