Filipino Weekly Menu Plan for Sept 12-19, 2016


Here is’s Filipino Weekly Menu Plan for Sept 12-19, 2016

Hi there ladies! Been a long time since I posted a weekly meal plan, and I apologize for that. Will try my very best to regularly update our Filipino Menu Plan every Friday.

So before I elaborate on the Filipino weekly menu, here is our meal plan for the week —

Filipino Weekly Menu Plan:

FIlipino Weekly Menu Plan’s FIlipino Weekly Menu Plan

For this week, I have included some make ahead and easy lunches like the ready to fry Lumpiang Shanghai and ready to boil Almondigas. The ground pork mixture for these recipes are almost the same. Besides, you can make two more batches and just freeze them for later use in the coming weeks ahead. Same with the Bolognese sauce which can also be frozen, and can be used next week for macaroni casserole.

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The BBQ Chicken Thighs is pan-grilled and is so easy to cook you just have to cook it in the pan with the marinade. Pork Sinigang is very easy as well and can be overloaded with veggies.

As for the dinners, the Kare-Kare is a happy Sunday thought that I look forward to make. I have just recently unlocked this achievement of being able to cook this semi-complicated dish so I practice it when I can, and when we crave for it.

So there you have it. Hope ill be able to help you map out your meals for the coming week.

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Thank you so much!

A Happy Homemaker is a Happy Pinay Mommy!

Leaving you with this cooking video from Achi’s cooking idol, Matilda Ramsay:


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