23 Meal Ulam Ideas for Filipino Babies and Kids

Meal Ulam Ideas for Filipino Babies and kids

Looking for Meal Ulam Ideas for Filipino Babies and Kids? Here are almost two dozen ideas!

We try hard to be super moms but at some point we will lose ideas on what to feed our families, especially our babies. I realized that the struggle is indeed real when Achi started becoming a picky eater, and feeding time has been more of a torture instead of a happy time for all of us in the family.

Enter Shobe whom I decided to introduce to solids via the BLW approach. And I have noticed that she is not only adventurous in terms of the food that she eats, she also gets to finish most if not everything I put in her plate.

And while I have already learned to adapt to Achie’s eating habits and try hard to make it healthier, and at the same time incorporate it with our family meals, I still run out of ideas. And the best way to gain more ideas is to research and experiment on what they will eat.

As Filipinos rice is a staple for us in all of our main meals, and so, ulam or viand will be something that has to have variety.

So, here are some —

23 Meal Ulam Ideas for Filipino Babies and kids:

  1. Tinolang Manok – Never fails to satisfy my kids! It is also a very complete and nutritious ulam for babies, young kids, breastfeeding moms, and everyone in the family! When one of us is not feeling well, I just add more ginger to the soup, for that extra soothing soup and healing properties.
  2. Sinigang – Be it fish, pork, or shrimp, sinigang will always be a hit. Well I do not serve Sinigang na Hipon, because my kids have shellfish allergy, but I remember that as a child this is one of my favorite ulams.

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  1. Bulanglang – Is a super easy “sinabawang gulay” to make. It also encourages you to make use of left-over food like frieed fish, or even fried chicken.If you will be eating this soup as a family, set aside an unseasoned version for the kids. Yum!
  2. Nilagang Baka or Baboy — Is super yummy and soothing! My kids go gaga over the corn on the cob I usually put in on the soup, plus of course the saba slices. Super yummy!
  3. Menudillo – Is perfect on top of rice because you will no loger have to himay he veggies and meat for the kids because you will have to make use of diced potatoes and carrots, and of course ground meat. Yummy!
  4. Suam – This Filipino Corn Soup iis a great ulam especially for kids who would only eat their rice when it is swimming in soup!! There’s corn, a bit of meat, and of course, soothing broth. Yummy and affordable too! Here’s a recipe from Panlasang Pinoy.
  5. Munggo Gisado – Is super affordable and protein rich! If your kids dislike Ampalaya ops, you can always use sili tops as an alternative. You may use tinapa flakes or left over fried fish if you do not have minced pork or shrimps for sahog.
  6. Misua Patola – Is a great ulam for babies and kids, and could even be a stand-alone meal. It is super easy to cook as well and will definitely not bore a hole on your budget.
  7. Fish or Chicken Fingers – Ditch the over-priced and preservative-laden chicken nuggets and just make your own for the kids. This is easy to make using fish or chicken fillet, and you can even make some in advance and just freeze it until you are ready to cook.
  8. Lumpiang Shanghai or Fish Lumpia — is a perfect finger food and ulam for babies and kids. You can also make a big batch and just freeze the other portions until ready to cook.
  9. Almondigas – Is my dad’s ultima favorite soup! Well it is not really very easy to make because you have to make some meatballs or bola-bola but it will definitely earn raves from your family – not just your babies! The comforting soup, with the soft misua, and the illing meatballs is definitely a great stand-alone meal, or even ulam for the babies and the whole gang!
  10. Chicken Afritada – Is something the kids will enjoy. It is very easy to make too and has veggies that are great for them like potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers.
  11. Menudo – Is just like afritada with the extra iron content – thanks to the pork liver it contains! This is relatively easy to make and you can actually do a shortcut by buying pre-cut pork in the grocery. In the morning, adults can spread some left overs in their hot pandesal! Yum-oh!
  12. Daing na Boneless Bangus – For some reason, my kids are die-hard fans of Daing na Bangus. They just love this semi sour and crispy fish recipe that is ultimately very pinoy!
  13. Ginataang SItaw and Kalabasa – Is yet another great food for BLW babies. Super yummy and nutritious and can be a stand-alone ulam for the whole family! It is not so expensive to make too! Here is my past post on stand alone veggie recipes under P100.00
  14. Chicken Curry – Is yet another yummy chicken recipe – you just have to be wary of the coconut milk that you use, and make sure to refrigerate the left-overs ASAP to avoid spoilage. Add some Pineapple Chunks and you’ve got yummy Pininyahang Manok for the Fam Bam!
  15. Crispy Fried Tilapia – Is another yummy favorite of my children. As parents we will also not have a hard time flaking or deboning this fish because it is fleshy and it is completely unlike heartbreakers out there who are so MATINIK.
  16. Ginisang Upo and Ground Pork — Is yet another affordable and nutritious meal to serve to your children. The upo is nutritious and at the same time filling. The minced or ground pork is also very easy to eat and you will not need to assist your children as much when they are eating this because upo is soft and of course the ground pork is already prepped for baby’s consumption.
  17. Chinese Chopsuey – Is Shobe’s ultimate favorite. It is so yummy and has a variety of textures and tastes! Here’s a great recipe to follow.
  18. Fish Tokwa – Is yet another great yummy and nutritious recipe that kids will love. As long as you make use of fleshy fish or fish fillet per se, this will be a perfect ulam for babies and kids. It is also nutritious thanks to the tokwa component. Check out this recipe.
  19. Sweet and Sour – I really did not grow up eating this, but I have observed that in the times we ordered this from a Chinese restaurant, Shobe tends to like it. Why not give it a try? You can use either fish or pork for this recipe that has been breaded prior to the pouring of the sweet and sour sauce.
  20. Sarciadong Isda – Left over fried fish? No problem! Turn it into Sarciado, and your kids will thank you for it!
  21. Tinolang Shellfish – is a very nutritious after palengke ulam! Just ensure that everything is fresh and it is definitely a go! Your kids will love playing with the shells after the meal so encourage them to eat more so they could collect more! For young babies, the soup and the leafy vegetable – malunggay or sili tops – is a perfect rice topper!

So there you have it, I hope I was able to augment your repertoire of Filipino breakfast meals for your baby or toddler. If and when you run out of ideas, do not hesitate to serve what your kid what you also eat for breakfast because sooner or later she also has to eat wat you eat (as long as these are healthy of course!)

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