Breakfast Ideas for Filipino Babies

Breakfast Ideas for Filipino Babies.

Looking for Breakfast Ideas for Filipino Babies? Here’s almost a dozen ideas.

Whatever approach you are taking in introducing solid food to your child, time will come that you will need more and more meal ideas for your little one.

And while the Internet is full of meal ideas for babies, not all are applicable in the Philippine setting as not all ingredients are locally available or affordable.

For my children, I try hard to have them eat what we adults eat, not only to make life easier for me, but also to introduce them to a variety of food and textures.

Once your little one graduates from the usual cut up fruits and veggies for breakfast, you may want to start them up with food that even you and your whole family could enjoy. With my second child, we took the BLW approach and i have noticed that she is more adventurous in eating compared to our eldest. She will try anything you put in her plate so it was relatively easier for me to feed her. I just make sure that whenever I cook food for the family, I set aside a portion for her that has not been seasoned with salt or whatever “pampalasa” I add into our meals.

So for those of you who may be running out of ideas here  are some —

Breakfast Ideas for Filipino Babies:

  1. Champorado – Is a Filipino Staple breakfast. It is very easy to prepare, and could even be made from scratch. Add a bit of fried tuyo and it could be a great breakfast for us adults too. For clueless mommies, here’s how you can make champorado from scratch courtesy of Panlasang Pinoy. This is very similar too how my mom makes champorado for us, perfect meryenda as well especially during the rainy season!
  2. Arroz Caldo – Is just like your normal lugaw with added protein benefits and the yellowish color of the Kasubha. Here’s a great recipe to follow from Kawaling PInoy.

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  1. Scrambled Eggs – As long as your toddler is not allergic to eggs, then scrambled eggs are definitely great for your tot’s breakfast. You can prepare plain scrambled, with a bit of milk and a dash of vanilla, Spanish style omelet with sautéed tomatoes and onions, with cheese and potatoes, the list is endless!
  2. Tortang Talong – Is little shobe’s favorite breakfast. She eats it like a champ with rice! You can either make your torta with ground meat, or just plain eggplants and egg.
  3. Oatmeal topped with various fresh fruits – Ideal tropical fruits to include in our little one’s oatmeal (we use rolled oats) are bananas, mangoes, papayas, and when someone comes home from baguio – strawberries!
  4. Chicken Sopas – Could actually be eaten the whole day, but can be a good starter for kids. Here is a link to a good recipe.
  5. Homemade embutido – Embutido or meatloaf is a great breakfast for babies as it is soft, and definitely pairs well with Pinoy staples – Rice or Pandesal. Will be great if you can make from scratch, and then cann even be kept in freezer for weeks or even a month, the you just have to thaw and fry! Here’s a great recipe to try.
  6. Arroz A la Cubana – is perfect for kids and adults alike, and has vegetables too! Kids especially those who were introduced to solids via BLW just love to pick their food – ground meat, carrots, potatoes,, eve raisins! Plus this has a sunny side up egg, rice, and fried bananas! A heaty meal nonetheless. Check out this recipe.
  7. Toast with Homemade Spread – Well, I confess that my toddler absolutely loves PB & J but for some moms that may be too sweet, so why not make a homemade spread for your kids, and serve them some toasted sandwich for breakfast too break the lugaw/oatmeal/rice routine? My daughter loves Egg Salad Spread, malunggay pesto with a bit of boiled chicken mixed in, tuna salad spread, chicken sandwich spread, and of course the walang kamatayang cheese pimiento which we also make from scratch, also for Achi’s baon in school. Here are some yummy sandwich recipes i wrote about in the previous year.
  8. Lugaw with Gulay and Boiled Eggs – Cook your usual lugaw and add in some malunggay, or spinach, or other easy to cook greens, add some flaked fish (left overs from last night’s dinner?) and then a boiled egg.
  9. Mini Pancakes with fruits – Make smaller versions of your usual hotcakes, and then spread a bit of butter (if you are up to it), a bit of honey or pancake syrup then top with fruit. We usually serve either banana or mangoes because that is what’s always in season and affordable pa. You can also spread some peanut butter if your kid is not allergic to peanut butter. Pure yum!

So there you have it, I hope I was able to augment your repertoire of Filipino breakfast meals for babies and toddlers. If and when you run out of ideas, do not hesitate to serve what your kid what you also eat for breakfast because sooner or later she also has to eat what you eat (as long as these are healthy of course!)

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