Seven Areas Where you can Recycle Water used in Washing Cloth Diapers

recycling water used in washing cloth diapers

Seven ways to recycle water used in washing cloth diapers. Photo Credits


Hi mommies!

Some of us are affected by the epic water interruptions that span for at least 24 hours to four days in straight in some areas.

And as they say, once we lose something, that is when we get to see its value. Hence calls for water conservation and long term solutions to prevent a water crisis.

For us cloth diapering moms, we can do our part in conserving water by recycling water we used in washing cloth diapers. Whether we use a washing machine or wash by hand we can save up the water we have used (for washing machines use a basin to catch water from the drainage hose).

Anyway here are some areas where we can recycle water used in washing cloth diapers:

1. Flushing the toilet.
2. If you have a garage/veranda or any concrete or tiled outdoor space within the home, the water can be used to clean it. 🙂


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3. The water used for the last rinse can be used in mopping the floor — yes you won’t spread germs because the diapers have been soaped up and rinsed already!
4. Can be used to clean the car.
5. Can be used to clean the bathroom.
6. Last rinse can be used to bathe the doggie 🙂
7. Last rinse can be used to wash rags, doormats, and even mopheads.

But how about the prewash? If you do not use soap when pre-washing, then maybe, just maybe, you can use that water to water your house plants. Instant fertilizer-infused water??

So there you go ladies, hope you can share how you recycle the water you used in washing your baby’s cloth diapers. Please comment below or drop a line or two on my Facebook page.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Leaving you with this video on recycling water: