Where to Buy Menstrual Cups in the Philippines

Where to buy Menstrual Cups in The Philippines. (Photo Credits)

Where to buy Menstrual Cups in The Philippines. (Photo Credits)

If you want to try using menstrual cups but don’t know where to buy it then this post is for you.

I have earlier written about where to buy menstrual cloth pads or mama pads and i know that some cloth mamas are looking into trying menstrual cups.

Menstrual cups are feminine hygiene products usually made of medical or high grade silicone and is inserted into the vagina to catch menstrual flow. It is less messy and depending on your flow, it could last up to eight hours (even more), without leaks depending on your menstrual flow.

When it is time to change or remove, you just have to dump the blood into the toilet, wash the cup and re-insert.

Anyway, here is where you can buy menstrual cups in the Philippines:

1. Mama.baby.love – this shop I think, is the first ever local reseller of menstrual cups in the Philippines. They have the Lunette, Meluna, The Keeper, Diva Cup, and the Sckoon. Prices range from P1,000.00 to P1,800.00. Here is a link to their store.

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  1. Anytime Menstrual Cups PH — this is a Facebook-based store that sells menstrual cups. Check out their FB shop here.
  2. UPDATED: June 01, 2016: LAZADA — Lazada now carries Silicone Menstrual cups in four brands some of which are The Hang Qiao Brand which is priced at P335.00 per piece — buy it here, and then the Lalang Brand which is priced slightly higher at P385.00 apiece — buy it here. Both are on sale from 1k+ per piece. Check out the other menstrual cups and other women hygiene products here.
  3. UPDATED: September 2017: 9 Months and Beyond –– Carries Anytime Menstrual Cup for P700.00 — you may visit their shop in Teacher’s Village so you can check out the products, or order from their FB Store here.
  4. UPDATED: September 2017: Shopee: There are various shopee.ph merchants that sell menstrual cups. Download the App and start shopping from various stores!
  5. UPDATED: September 2017: Mackenzie Accessories: Yes, the same store that offers Tula Accessories carries Menstrual Cups too! They have a Shopee.ph store as well. Check out their FB Store here.

At present these are the only two sellers that I have discovered, and some of the moms I have met that uses menstrual cups got theirs from abroad – either through a relative or friend, or when they went out of the country. As usual, I promise to update this post as I discover more shops that sell menstrual cups in the Philippines.

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