Emergency Go Bag Contents for a Baby

Emergency Go Bag Contents for a Baby

What are the Emergency Go Bag Contents for a Baby? Read on. (Photo Credits – with mod)

Back when we are just three in the family, we had a bug out bag and a disaster kit meant for just the three of us. Fast forward X years later we are already a semi-big family and our needs have changed and have become varied — making Go Bag packing even more challenging.

The social media buzz about The Big One prompted me to revisit our Go Bag and Disaster Kit. We would need a bigger one this time, and more food supplies and water.

Last week I wrote about how young families like ours can prepare for a big disaster (Click here to read). And I keep telling myself, it is not just The Big One that we have to prepare for. Other emergencies that could take place are a massive power outage that can shut down the city for days, an Urban Flooding that will render people stranded in the streets, terror attacks, and a whole lot of other scary but realistic scenarios.

Emergency Go bag contents for a baby

Packing a Go Bag is one of the best ways to prepare for this so allow me to launch a series on disaster preparedness that can hopefully help young Filipino families prepare for emergencies.

The first requirement that we must understand and consider in preparing our Bug-out bags is that the disaster kit should contain supplies for the next 72 hours or three days. This is the estimated time until most people get help during dire situations.

In our family, we have decided to have two main go bags or emergency knap sacks — for me and the mister to carry. Then we will have one tiny back pack for our eldest child who is a preschooler.

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=====================================================================IIn this series I’ll be sharing with you what I’ll be packing for our family and our children in our emergency bag. I consciously make an effort to not over pack, because carrying a bulging, heavy backpack may hinder my whole family from surviving a disaster.

So with this in mind, allow me to share with you in this particular blogpost the contents of our baby’s emergency disaster survival kit bag —

Emergency Go bag contents for a baby (newborn infant up to a six month old baby):

  1. Two blankets
  2. Six pairs of socks / six pairs of mittens (if he still wears mittens)
  3. Two dozens of disposable diaper — Pampers has a promo here 
  4. Big pack of disposable baby wipes
  5. Hand sanitizer
  6. Pocket Lysol
  7. Teething needs — some teething toys and teething gel or wipes
  8. Burp cloths or Lampins – half a dozen
  9. At least four pieces of bibs to catch drool
  10. Nail clipper, snot sucker, fever meds, thermometer, hair brush, citronella oil and patches, special medications if any.
  11.  Top to Toe wash
  12. Six sets of change of clothes preferably cotton, and overalls (frogsuit style)
  13. Small towel
  14. Baby carrier — Ring Sling or SSC
  15. If you are not breastfeeding, bring dry formula, enough amount of distilled water, bottles with disposable liners like this one from Playtex.
  16. Fan or Abaniko
  17. Identification which we plan to put in the ankle area – it is basically an information bracelet which contains the baby’s name, our name and contact info, the baby’s blood type and allergies.
  18. A toy (rattle)
  19. Jacket with hood
  20. Ziploc Bags for dirty clothes

I plan to put all of these in a lightweight tote bag. I will then put this tote bag inside our Family Emergency Bag so come bug-out time, the baby’s needs will remain intact.

As mentioned above, this is just a first in the series of Disaster Preparedness posts that I am planning to publish. Again revisit the go bags every six months so that you can replace those that are about to expire, or replace the clothes and diapers that the baby may have already outgrown.

I promise to update this post as soon as I come across with more information on disaster preparedness for young families. If you have some other suggested items to add to this go bag, please feel free to drop by my facebook page for feedbacks, comments or suggestions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

A Happy Homemaker is a Happy Pinay Mommy!

Leaving you with this video clip on packing a survival kit for a baby:

Disaster Preparedness for Young Families amid “The Big One”