Filipino Weekly Meal Plan Recipes 2017 June 05

Filipino Weekly Meal Plan Recipes 2017 June 05:

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Hi Everyone, sharing with you our new, more comprehensive (and revitalized —hahaha) Filipino Weekly Meal Plan Recipes 2017 June 05 to June 11. Hopefully this could help those of you who may not have mapped out their Filipino Weekly Menu as of yet.

Starting this week I will be cascading a more comprehensive meal plan as I will be sharing with you as well, the meals I will be making for our baby, toddler, pre-schooler, as well as our grade-schooler.

Filipino Weekly Meal Plan Recipes 2017 June 05:

Filipino Weekly Meal Plan Recipes 2017 June 05:

Sharing Our new and improved (hahahaha) Filipino Weekly Meal Plan Recipes 2017 June.

If you may notice, most of the packed lunch meal for grade schooler is the same thing that the family will be having for lunch. This is of course to save on prep time, as well as the electricity used for cooking the meals. This will also minimize left-overs and save on our food budget. Check out out baon recipe suggestions in this post.

The meal suggestions for the baby/toddler is meant for BLW babies hence most of the suggested meal items are just unseasoned versions of what the whole family is having. Of course just mind the portion slices depending on the age of your baby, and the weaning method of your baby. Make your own adjustments as well if you follow Tamang Kain principles – although most of the food in the weekly pinoy meal plan above adhere to that.

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I have also taken into consideration the suggested school baon recipes that I have included in our back-to-school bundle of blogposts which you may find here.

Some of the recipes, as always, are part of our under P100.00 ulam recipes, in our yearly series.

If you are overwhelmed with the meal plan and would think that it would just leave you slaving in your kitchen the whole day, then you may want to batch cook what you can and just freeze what can be frozen. Here is previous blog post on freezer meals and weekly meal preparation. For instance, pancakes can be frozen in zip lock bags for reheating when needed. This will be very helpful during hurried crazy mornings, or as baon for your little school kids.

Some lunch baons for your gradeschoolers may also need preparation the night befor (like the thawing and breading of porkchop and the tortang talong), but that advanced preparations will leave you worriless the next day because you will just have to fry the above-mentioned pinoy ulam.

I also tend to cook pinoy food that is good for 2-3 meals so that I could save and freeze some for later use, or eat the same ulam at night when everything is going crazy in the household.

Anyway, till next week!

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