Where to Buy Cloth Diaper Liners in the Philippines

buy cloth diaper liners in the Philippines

Want to buy cloth diaper liners in the Philippines? Read on. (Photo Credits)

There are many reasons why a cloth-diapering mom would want to use cloth diaper liners on her baby’s nappy. This is because it has a range of uses like to protect the cloth diaper from diaper rash creams, or to make it easier for moms to dump poop in public toilets when the exclusively-cloth diapered baby is on the go.

There are mainly two types of liners, the disposable and the reusable. The reusable ones, like cloth diapers, can also be done via a DIY. But since i lack craftiness, i just took  the opportunity to make lambing to my friend who is currently on vacation in US,  to buy me this nappy liner so that i will have something on hand.

Anyway, for those looking for nappy liners, this post is for you.

Here are some shops where you can buy cloth diaper liners in the Philippines:

1. The Fawn Shoppe – This Facebook-Based shop sells Alva Liners. The flushable liners are priced at P200.00 per roll, which comes with 100 sheets. Check out their store here.

2. Zebebe.com – They carry Bumkins Flushable Liner at P599.00 for a pack of 100 nappy liners. Here is a link to their store.

3. Eco Baby Boutique – This online store carries the Grovia Bioliners which they sell for P650.00 for a pack of 200 sheets. If you are looking into using reusable ones, then you may want to go for Happy Heiny’s fleece Liners which Eco Baby sells at P400.00 for a pack of six. here is a link to their website.

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3. Jasmine Summer – This FB Cloth Diaper Shop sells Happy Flute Flushable Paper Liners. Happy flute liners are at PHP 220.00 each which includes 100 sheets of biodegradable/bamboo diaper liner. Check out the FB Shop here.

4. Vezees’ Closet – Vezees’ also sells Happy Flute Disposable Bamboo Liners, which she priced at P190.00 per 100 sheets. Check out her FB Store here.
5. Cheeky Bebe Shop – They sell Bamboo Liners for just P160.00 per roll which comes with 100 sheets. They also have the Viscose Liners which sells at P150.00 per roll Check the availability here.
6. Baby Chic Boutique – They have the bamboo organic flushable wipes which sell at P280.00 per roll. Each roll comes with 100 sheets. Go to their store here.
7. SM Hypermart– Yes, you’ve read it right, they have it in the hypermart. In the baby section of course where you will also find cloth diapers. They sell it for P50.00 per package which contains about 30 pieces if i am not mistaken. Brand is called BW.

8. UPDATE: September 02, 2016: Bambino Baby Shop — If you are looking for Bummis Bio-Soft Cloth Diaper Liners then this is the FB Shop for you. Bummis Bio-Soft liners are available here in both small and large sizes. Check out their FB Page here.

8. UPDATE: September 02, 2016: Shopee.ph: Check out many online sellers of disposable or flushable cloth diaper liners in this newest shopping platform that is the talk of the town of moms looking for discounts and free shipping promos! Download their mobile app at the app store or google play, or check out their website here.

Just a friendly reminder ladies, it is possible that by the time you have read this post, prices of the nappy liners that I have mentioned here may have changed, or the shop may have ran out of stock of the above mentioned liner variant. I embedded the links above for your convenience so you could check them out personally. Hope you can leave me a line or two regarding your CDing experiences on the comment section below or on my Facebook Page.

Thank you and let us spread the love for Cloth Diapers!

Leaving you with a video on how to DIY your own Nappy Liner:



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