Online Shops that sell Curtains in the Philippines

Online Shops that sell Curtains in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

Looking for Online Shops that sell Curtains in the Philippines? (Photo Credits)

I have earlier written a post on places where you can buy cheap and cheerful curtains. But for those of you who may not be able to leave the house for longer periods of time to head to these shops (due to epic traffic, WAHM Business Commitments, Being Yaya-Less), then this post is for you.

I have collated a list of online stores that sell curtains. Amazingly, these are stores that carry a wide selection as if you went to DIVI yourself. They have a wide array of fabrics to choose from and since the photos are hi-res, it is easy to choose a design!  So here is the list of —

Online shops that sell curtains in the Philippines:

  1. Lazada PH — hate the epic traffic situation? Head on over at Lazada and choose from there. They post accurate dimensions and descriptions so you dont have to worry. Take a look at this curtain — which you can buy here for just P249.00.
  2. Triple J’s Curtain Shop, which has a wide array of selections – some are even at P200.00 apiece. They also have curtain accessories. They have brocade, cotton fabric, Thai silk, Plain, and even those with Cartoon Characters. Here is a link to their FB Store.

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  1. Van Doy’s Curtains – Is an FB Shop that has a wide inventory of curtains! They have brocade, Linen, Polycotton, Semi Black-out, Plain, See through, and Swag. They also accept Made to Orders. Check out their FB Store here.
  2. Curt N Master – They actually have a shop in Tabora, (click here for a map of their exact location) and the good news is they have an online store! You will love the many choices here of ready-made curtains and fabrics (my blog entry on fabrics for curtains will be posted soon!), so go ahead and browse their online store here.
  3. Lani’s House of Curtain – Is another physical store, this time in Baclaran, that has opened an FB Store so you would not have to brave the traffic going there. They have a lot of ready made curtains to choose from. Browse their albums here.
  4. D’Shop Assahlee – Is an FB Store that sells Ready-made Character curtains for your kids’ rooms, playrooms, and nurseries. They also sell baby stuff among other baby-related items. Here is a link to their store.

So, there you have it. I am sure there are other online stores that sell curtains in the Philippines. I promise to update this post as soon as I get to discover more.  Hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, so you can receive regular updates from direct on your newsfeed.

Thank you so much!

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Leaving you with this video on Curtains Trends for 2016:

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