Cheap and Easy Filipino Eggplant Recipes

Here are some cheap and easy Filipino eggplant recipes. (Photo Credits)

Here are some cheap and easy Filipino eggplant recipes. (Photo Credits)

Eggplant or Talong is one veggie that can be found in almost all markets and is available all year round. It is packed with anti-oxidants and other nutrients that could help lower your cholesterol levels. Not to mention, this veggie is not as expensive as other vegetables, even in its organic form.

If you’d like to cook more of this affordable vegetable, yet you want to go beyond the usual torta and prito then you may want to check out these recipes which your family may enjoy.

Here are cheap and easy Filipino eggplant recipes:

1. Binagoongang Talong — love the talong in your crispy binagoongan but  can’t have it all the time because of all the pork? Cook the next best thing which is binagoongang talong! Here is a yummy recipe.

2. Adobong talong — Expand your vegetable adobo menu by cooking adobong talong! It is super easy to cook and super cheap to make. Here is a good recipe to follow.

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  1. Tortang talong with Giniling — yummify your usual tortang talong by incorporating pork giniling on it! Super yummy with banana ketchup. Here is a good recipe.
  2. Ensaladang talong — want a native-slash-exotic eggplant recipe? Here is ensaladang talong, which to some people like me — could stand alone as well as a veggie ulam! It is also a good side dish to anything inihaw especially pork liempo. Yum-oh! Check out this recipe from Panlasang Pinoy.
  3. Ginisang Talong – This one is a budget recipe that you may want to try. One thing it promises is that it does not scrimp on nutrition. Watch the video here.

Hope I was able to give you ideas for your next eggplant ulam from this post. Will update once I am able to experiment on more quick cooking eggplant recipes.

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