Where to buy Essential Oil Accessories

Where to buy essential oil accessories in the Philippines

Here are some shops and online merchants that sell essential oil accessories in the Philippines. (Photo Credits – Modified)

If you are looking for essential oil accessories in the Philippines, then this article is for you. My 2015 write-up on where to buy essential oils continues to be one of my blog’s top posts, hence I am writing this post.

I will be enumerating here the various online shops and physical stores where you can buy the tools for your essential oil DIY projects.

I have been meaning to write this given the spiking interest in the many benefits of essential oils. And we are just fortunate that essential oil accessories and essential oil tools are available to us here at a much more affordable cost compared to our crunchy mama counterparts in the other side of the world.

The list that I will be sharing with you are those that I have personally tried, those that are tried and recommended by people I know. But as in anything, it pays to do your own research on the lowest prices, and best customer experience.

So here’s the list of —

Where to buy Essential Oil Accessories:

  1. Essential Oil Basic Needs – This Shop from Shopee, has well all the essential oil basic needs that you will need to make rollers, blends, inhalers, salves etc. She has bottles, necklace diffusers, and ultrasonic diffusers too, plus some raw materials for essential oils. The prices are pretty much competitive if not slightly lower than other shops in Shopee. More importantly, they offer Cash on Delivery and Free Shipping to orders beyond P500.00 (and a discount in shipping for purchases amounting P250.00). The seller is accommodating too! Here’s a link to their Shopee Account.
  1. Big Pharmacies – Some huge pharmacies like big branches of Mercury Drug have some of the tools and accessories for Essential Oils which you will need. Beakers, droppers, graduated cylinders can be found here. If you are the type who measures blends via ml then you can buy disposable syringes here.

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  1. Lazada – Yes, Lazada also sells Essential Oil Roll on Bottles like the blue 10 ml roller bottles that they sell for P599.00 per pack here. The 10 ml-Amber Rollers on the other hand are also on sale here for P606.00 per dozen, and it comes with five plastic pipettes. Find it it here. Most of the accessories and bottles for essential oils sold over at Lazada can be bought on a cash on delivery basis and ships nationwide.
Essential Oil Bottles available over at lazada. Buy it here.

Essential Oil Roller Bottles available over at Lazada. Buy it here. (Photo Courtesy of Lazada)

Essential Oil Amber Bottles (Roll-on) available by the dozen plus five pipettes over at Lazada. Buy it here.

Essential Oil Amber Bottles (Roll-on) available by the dozen plus five pipettes over at Lazada. Buy it here. (Photo Courtesy of Lazada)

 4. Beauty N Bottles – Is yet another preferred shopee merchant. They sell bottles, creams, pumps that are perfect for essential oils ph DIY serums, facial creams, shampoos, soaps and more. They also have foamers, and even 2ml Sampler bottles. Here’s a link to their shopee account.

5. The Medical Supplies Store in Bambang – Where else can you find accessories that are at bagsak-presyo levels other than this strip of medical supplies stores fronting PGH and near DOH? Yes I have mentioned this place several times in my past entries like where to buy scrub suits, as well as where to buy affordable but efficient nebulizers. Yes you can find medical grade droppers, graduated cylinders, vials, beakers, glass stirrers and more that will help you channel your inner “oilbularyo.”

6. Miniso – If you are not comfortable with buying online, or you just simply love this shop, then better head to the branch nearest you and check out some lotion, bottle, and cream containers, as well as mini-sprayers in here. They usually come in nice packs with carriers. The downside though is that they only have plastic containers, so if you are looking for glass bottles then better buy somewhere else. They too have digital weighing scales for your lotion, salves, creams etc. They too have organizers. Here’s a link to their official website. Most of the sets that I have seen (mostly packed for travel toiletry sets) cost P99.00 per set.


essential oils accessories

At Miniso you can buy plastic bottlers for your essential oil DIY projects like lotions, creams, linen spray, home spray, bug spray, cleaning spray and the like.

7. Purple Butterfly Crafts – This store is yet another preferred Shopee merchant. They have flip top bottles, lip balm tubes, roll on bottles, carrier oils, as well as other raw materials for essential oil DIY Recipes. It is actually a well recommended store. Check out their shopee account here.

8. Snowflake PH – Is yet another store in Shopee that offers EO Accessories, particularly cobalt blue bottles and other Essential Oil needs. They have Cash on Delivery service available. What I like about this shop is that they have bottle/roller organizers that you can simply put in your purses. No more loose bottles in different corners of your bag! These plus from the posh-looking bottles that they sell. Here’s a link to their Shopee account.

9. Raw Essentials PH – is a Shopee merchant that offers free delivery and Cash on Delivery basis for the raw materials that is sells in its Shopee store. If you plan to get your EO DIY projects go up another notch by putting your creations on sale, then this Shopee merchant could be your go-to online store. They have silicone soap molders, pipettes by the wholesale, spatulas, clays, soap cutters, measuring spoons and even dried flower powders. They also have packaging supplies like boxes! Here’s a link to their Shopee account.

So, there you have it. I am sure there are other places and Online Shops where you may buy essential oils in the Philippines. I will be updating this post as I discover more. If you have the time, hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, so you can receive regular updates from Happypinaymommy.com direct on your newsfeed. You may also follow us on our Instagram and Pinterest Accounts!

Thank you so much!

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Leaving you with this DIY video where you could use your essential oil accessories:

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