Where to buy Cloth Diaper Insert Sock in the Philippines

Buy Cloth Diaper Insert Sock in the Philippines

Want to buy Buy Cloth Diaper Insert Sock in the Philippines? (Photo Credits)

Are you using Cloth Diaper Covers on your baby and you are in need of Cloth Diaper Insert Sock?

Insert socks are made of stay-dry fabric that can be in direct contact with your baby’s bum without causing irritation.

I have compiled a list of online shops where you can buy Insert Socks for your cloth diapering needs.

Where to buy Cloth Diaper Insert Sock in the Philippines:

1. RAAK Naturals – Last time I checked they have BumGenius insert socks. Check out the availability and designs in their FB page here.

2. Earth Baby – Has their own line of Insert Socks for their cloth diaper inserts. You may buy a Pack of three for P250.00. Check out her FB Store here.

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3. Baby in Style — they also have BumGenius Insert Socks, starting at P280.00 each. As of pub date, the insert socks are on sale at P250.00. Check their FB Page here for current pricing and availability.

4. UPDATED: Cherub’s Necessities — Sells Athletic Wicking Jersey with PUL Cloth Diaper Insert Socks. Check out her FB Store here.

If however you are feeling crafty, you can always go the DIY route. Check out these Fabric Stores, and Cloth Diaper Sewing Supplies Stores, so you can make your own Cloth Diaper Inserts.

You may wanna follow this DIY Tutorial too:

So there you have it. Hope you’d be able to get the insert socks that you need whether from purchasing from online stores or from sewing your own. I will be updating this post as I discover more shops that sell insert socks. Again, for the online stores, I included their links so that you could personally check on their prices and product availability.

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