Where to buy nursing or breastfeeding pillows in the philippines

Where to buy nursing or Breastfeeding Pillows in the Philippines

Where to buy nursing or Breastfeeding Pillows in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

If you are looking to buy a nursing pillow then this post is for you.

Nursing pillows are extremely helpful for moms especially during the newborn weeks when the arms of a breastfeeding mommy go weary from prolonged and constant breastfeeding sessions.

Here are some shops where you can buy nursing or breastfeeding pillows in the Philippines:

1. Malls and Department Stores — Most department stores carry one or two brands of nursing pillows. The Boppy, and then somegeneric brands. Try Rustan’s, SM’s Baby and Company, Rockwell, and even Mothercare. Most big department stores have it too.

2. Lazada — if you wish to beat the traffic, shop at the comfort of your own home, and pay upon delivery then you may want to check out this breastfeeding pillow that Lazada is retailing online. It has a washable cover and a velcro that adjust to the mother’s body size. You may buy it here.

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3. Dakki Resellers (Online Shops and Individuals direct sellers) — if you do not want to shell out more than a thousand pesos for a nursing pillow then check out the choices that Dakki has to offer. Dakki has been known for making local pillows and comforters, and it is good to note they have ventured into making breastfeeding pillows as well. Check out their official website here.

4. Baobao babies — they have the original Boppy pillows in various adorable and i must say irresistible prints. You may check it out here at their FB store here.        .

5. OLX –This online selling site also features entries on Breastfeeding or Nursing Pillows. Just exercise your usual caution in transacting with sellers as some of them do not have online shops where you can make follow-ups or after-sales requests.

6. Bossom Buddy-– they have many designs of nursing pillows to choose from. Check out the pillows here.

So there you have it. Hope you will be able to get a a good nursing pillow from any of the above mentioned stores.

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