Delicious and Easy Ampalaya Recipes

Easy Ampalaya Recipes. (Photo Credits)

Here are some easy Ampalaya recipes you may wanna try. (Photo Credits)

We all know the benefits of Ampalaya or bitter gourd / bitter melon. It is great especially for diabetics and as we know from childhood, it is the one thing that could separate you from your other veggie eating friends. A source of pride of most moms as they tell their amigas “my daugher eats gulay, including Amplaya ha.”

So now that you are the one who decides on the meals of the family, how do you make ampalaya meals more appealing?

Here are some delicious and easy Ampalaya recipes to make:

1. Ampalaya Con Carne — this one is beyond easy simply because you can over cook both the beef and the Ampalaya to make the dish fresh-tasting and more palatable. Here is the recipe that i follow courtesy of Kawaling Pinoy.

2. Ampalaya with Egg and Ground Meat — take your usual Ampalaya with Egg recipe up another notch by putting in ground chicken or pork into the mix. Your children might even try it! Click here for an easy recipe to follow from Pinay in Texas.

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  1. Ensaladang Ampalaya — tired of your usual lettuce-based salads? Try this exotic and nutrient-packed salad! Check out the recipe here.

    4.  Stuffed Ampalaya — i know i said this post will contain easy to cook Ampalaya recipes but i could not resist sharing the recipe for this dish to you ladies! It is sooo good, i think it could even be party-worthy. This is the tried and tested recipe i use from Panlasang Pinoy.

So there you have it, hope I was able to give you ideas on how to cook Ampalaya beyond your usual Ampalaya with Egg. Will update once I am able to experiment on more quick cooking Ampalaya recipes.

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Thanks and till next post!

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